under armour for dogs?

i have been searching the internet to find a piece of clothing that is similar to under armour for my small dog. he gets really cold easily because of his size and short coat so ive been trying to find something to get him for the winter. i already have purchased a sweatshirt and coat which can be worn together however he still gets a chill. i know hes an animal and they arent meant to wear things.i dont like the idea of it myself but i do understand that he is tiny and isnt meant for the freezing temperatures ive been having at my home. i know there is a sort of under armour for horses that my riding instructor has for her horse so i figured there probably is something for dogs too. ive seen dog snow suits which is great but i just need to get something for under the clothes he already has so hes not as cold. if anyone knows of any sites or stores in rhode island that would be great!! thanks!!

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  • Ruff Wear has some jackets that are Polartec and Fleece lined


    One of our customers used to make something commercially available similar to Under Armor but I can't for the life of me remember her web site. I'll keep diggin.

    ADD: I did find a Lycra Bodysuit for dogs designed for long haired dogs working in snow etc.


    Or better yet, go to their root site http://www.k9topcoat.com/ and look at the grid at the bottom. One of these has got to fit your need.


    ADD2: Found It! http://www.doggonechic.com/


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  • Under Armour Dog

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  • Well buddy, It is essential to have some sort of clothing for your dog to keep it comfortable. Last week I purchased a sweater cloth and bed for my dog from an online shop and they sell wide range of cloths specially for dogs and you can try it at online store http://www.poochieheaven.com/

  • i haven't checked this but there is supposed to be a site for care bear coats i lady i know who has a Chihuahua swears by it says it's reasonable too

  • I haven't seen anything like Under Armor, but anything with thermal cotton should help (it's cotton fabric woven in that "waffle" pattern).

  • honestly, your dog may not even be getting chilly. Small dogs habitually get the 'shakes'. it doesn't mean they are cold, it is just them and/or their breed.

    Source(s): breeder.
  • How long are you outside walking him when it's cold?

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