Upload image (not generic logo) to ESPN Fantasy Football?

Instead of the box team logo with a one-letter icon as the team avatar in ESPN fantasy football...

How do i get it so that i can upload an image to use as the team logo? (avatar)

I know on a friend of mine's league, below the "team logo builder" there is an "upload image" button, but IT IS NOT ON our pages of our current league!

Is there some specific settings the league starter needs to select?

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  • Owners in custom leagues have the additional option of linking to a graphic directly from the Web (allowing for more creativity). To do so, enter the URL of the desired image in the Web address field and click on "set logo."

    The above is from the ESPN website. I have two teams -- one in a custom league and one in a standard league. Only the custom league team has the ability to use an alternate logo.

  • Fantasy Football Team Images

  • UPDATED ANSWER, 9/9/2015 Under the TEAM SETTINGS tab, at the bottom of the page there is a gray box that says: "Or use an image from the web: ____________________________________" 1. Do a GOOGLE Search and find the picture you want under "Google Images", click on it 2. You will be given two options, "Visit Page" or "View Image". Select the latter, "View Image". The image should open in the top, left corner of a blank, white screen. 3. Copy the URL address 4. Past the URL in the ESPN "Or use an image from the web" box. Hit ENTER. 5. Select "Save Team Settings" 6. Click the "League" tab at the top and you can see how the image looks next to your Team Name.

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