Using chemical equations. show how the triprotic acid h3po4 ionizes in water. phases are optional.

Please explain each step in detail.

Using chemical equations, show how the triprotic a


H-P04-(aq)-H+(aq) + HP042-(aq) HP042-(aq)-H+(aq) + PO43-(aq) Ка,-6.2x10-8 Ка,-1.7x10-12

Phosphoric acid is a weak acid and is only partially dissociated
into H+ and other ions, some of which are also weak acids. H3PO4
<==> H+ + H2PO4- Ka1 = 7.5
Pure anhydrous phosphoric acid is a white solid which melts at 42.35 °C to form a viscous liquid. In aqueous solution, phosph

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