Was Kissin Kate barlow real?

Was Kissin KAte Barlow a real outlaw or person?

19 Answers

  • no

  • Kissin Kate Barlow

  • Kissin Kate Barlow was a fictional character from the book and movie Holes.

  • kissin kate barlow was fiction but the book holes was based on a true story dont belive any one else im telling the truth and the girl based on kissin kate barlow was a real out law bye-bye

  • Kissin Kate Barlow is a fictional character made up by Loius Sachar.

  • If you look on google it has a brief summary of Kissin' kate barlow.

  • the character is based off a real women!

    Kissin’ Kate Barlow aka Jayena Collins

    she was lived in texas


  • She is real to me.. hehehe

    OK, no... its realistic for someone to do that.. i mean anything is possible today... people can really go that crazy... but in reality... Kissing Kate Barlow is fake. She is just a legend.

    I was just searching about that too... my sister asked!

  • no..its a disney movie...if shes real stanley yelnats is real..if ur just now watching tht on tv right now..ur way behind

  • No. The book holes is fiction. Nothing in it is real. But it does sound realistic.

  • I don't think so

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