what are 5 french products sold in Australia?

I need it for an assignment

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  • Well just the food products imported from France and sold in Australia include:

    Numerous pâtés, mousses, rillettes;


    Pre-prepared cassoulets and other meat/fish dishes;

    Pre-prepared veggie dishes such as ratatouille;

    Bread, criossants, other pastry products;


    Numerous cheeses, hard and soft, cow, goat, sheep's cheeses;





    Fancy cakes, biscuits and other confectionary;


    Chestnut puree;

    Various snack foods, eg potato chips;

    Canned escargots (snails);


    Mint cordial;

    Grenadine cordial;

    French mustards, gherkins, capers;

    Hazelnut/walnut/truffle oils;

    Veggies, eg flageolets, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms;


    Creme Patissiere;

    Fresh fruit, frozen fruit, candied fruit;

    Variously flavoured truffons;

    Various flavoured clafoutis;

    Various flavoured fondants;

    Various flavoured tartes;

    Pre-prepared baby foods;

    Wines and Champagne.

    It is even possible to buy authentic french salt, yeast, vinegar and sugar cubes in Australia.

    That's just the french products sold in Australia by one company. It wasn't tough to find the URLs for several Aussie-based importers of French food and drink, y'know. You only needed to run an internet search to find this many suggestions and heaps more besides. The question's a bit of a crock though. There's not that much difference between French products and Australian products; y'know, make a cheese and ham sandwich and in Australia, it's a cheese and ham sanger but in France it's croque monsieur. Same thing, different name; that's all.

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  • French Fries

    French Toast

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  • basically any product manufactured in France since Australia is like the US and any other European country because they have the resources to import and export

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