what are differences between the iliad and the movie troy?

i need help i have a couple but i need more it is for an extra credit thing and it could pull my grade from a B to an A. please please please please please please please help thanks!!!!

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  • Where do we start. Everything I mention is what is in the book and changed in the movie.

    - Ajax knew Achilles (Their cousins)

    - Patroclus and Achilles are cousins, and Achilles new that Patroclus was taking his armor

    - Hector ran away from Achilles

    - Paris never retreated, he was saved by Aphrodite

    - The book ends with Hector's burial

    - Achilles wasn't at the start of the war

    - Helen didn't want to be with Paris

    - Agamemnon is not that bad of a person and doesn't die at Troy (Read Orestia)

    Things only in the book and not at all in the movie

    - The Gods actions

    - Diomedes, Aeneas (barely mentioned in the movie)

    Wow, way too many to mention

  • The iliad was written by Homer, the movie Troy was done by Hollywood and things were taken out of context.

  • I think the biggest difference was all the intense detail about the history of each person. On average there was a page to two for every new character.

  • in the iliad ajax [roman name] [anias the great] greek name, were on the same side. achilles fought and killed hector he did not kill ajax. ajax never died he survived the war and later committed suicide.there were more differences but that was one of the biggest.

  • Paris seduces Helen.

    hectors son/baby is thrown over the tall walls

    i think that menalies dosent die he gets Helen and takes her back

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