What are different ways to spell autumn?

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  • Autum














    I personally like the spelling of Autumn, but you have other opinions.

    I hope I helped!!! Please answer my questions?? Thanks and good luck!! 😀

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  • My daughters named is spelled Awtum!!!!! And I don't believe there is anything wrong with it. I think it is different and beautiful. I always get compliments on the spelling of her name!!!! And there is no wrong way to spell someone's name. If you were using the word autumn, as in the actual word, then yes you MUST spell it AUTUMN. But a name is UNIQUE to the person!!!! Spell it any way you want.

    that being said the person who initially answered this post gave a really good list of some very neat ways to spell autumn as a name 🙂

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  • I like the spelling Autumn. My nephew was going to be named Autumn if he were a girl, which is what he was supposed to be 😛

    My friend's sister's name is Autymn, and other spellings could be Autum, Autim, Autym, Autem, Awtumn, Awtym, Awtymn, Autemn, Autimn, etc. I personally think the best spelling is Autumn 🙂

  • How Do U Spell Autumn

  • Brylee Parker.? Avre Rose? Autumn Caidyn?

  • I just like the spelling Autumn. I actually love it! If my husband liked it I would definitely use it! The only suggestion I would tell you is to add in a -y somewhere but if I were you I would NOT do that! Just keep it Autumn 🙂

  • Autumn should never be spelled in any other way.

    You are using the name of a 'season', there is no other way to disguise that. Any other spelling will look horrendously misspelled.

  • There are none. It is a word. Spelling Autumn as Ortim, or something like that, is as bad as spelling Rose as Roaze, or Lily as Lillee, or Violet as Vylette, etc. They are all just plain misspellings.

  • The only sensible spelling is Autumn. Any other way and it starts to look tacky. Autumn isn't too of a popular name, so I think the spelling is fine to use.

  • Any way other than Autumn is incorrect and does nobody any favors.

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