what are hubcaps for?

someone has a joke but they said that i had to find out what hubcaps are for before she told me the answer.

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  • they just cover the wheel and hide the lug bolts,basically they don’t actually serve any purpose as far as the functioning of the car at all,good luck.

  • I think when people drive around with no hubcaps their cars look way trashier than they otherwise would. It just makes your car look run down when you don’t have them.

    They do make great decoration–I had 2 hubcaps from my dad’s old 70’s Oldsmobile hanging on my wall for a while.

  • Hubcaps are decorative covers for wheels on cars. They are just there to make the wheels look nice.

  • Keeps your car from being obscene—covers its nuts HHAA

    The fundamental function, if not styling is to reduce the collection of dust and debris on the threads of the lug nuts. This may seem trivial, but it can cause the nuts to seize on the older vehicles where the steel wasn’t what it is today.

  • What Are Hub Caps

  • To cover the hubs on the wheels – for looks.

  • these are used for two things-to cover the crappy black wheels and make them look pretty and let the factory save $$ on real wheels-and there also used as redneck lawn ordiments-go to the country check it out i aint lyin lol-there multifuntional i guess

  • To catch nut ends used to hold tire onto axle if they loosen and fall off.

  • To keep the sun off the hub.

  • To keep your nuts covered,you cant drive around displaying your nuts.

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