What are some advantages of DC current over AC current?

I need to know some of the advantages of DC current over AC current. Please keep it simplified, I no little about current. I found this webpage “http://www.jcmiras.net/jcm/item/86/%22 but I can’t understand a lick of it. Please help!


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  • DC is simpler to use it to power most electronics, which tend to require DC to operate. This is why it’s used some rack systems use it – actually following a practice that the phone company has used for a very long time with their central office equipment. DC power also makes it easier to integrate batteries and UPS systems.

    On a larger scale, High-voltage DC is seeing increasing use for long lines because it has less reactance loss than AC and it avoids grid synchronization problems. The wire can also be sized to the DC current rather than for the peak AC current. Link below explains this further. (first link)

    DC also avoids “skin effect” where current is concentrated on the surface of the wire, so the net IR drop is smaller. (second link)

  • Advantages Of Direct Current

  • 1.The generation of A.C. is cheaper than that of D.C.

    2.A.C. machines are simple , robust and do mot require much attention for their repairs and maintainance during their use.

    3.Wide range of voltages are obtained by the use of transformer.

    4.The magnitude of current can be reduced by using an inductance or a conductor without any appreciable loss of energy

    5.A.C. can easily be converted into D.C. with the help of rectifiers.

    6.When A.C. is supplied at higher voltages in long distance transmission , the line losses are small compared to a D.C. transmission.


  • no idea : (

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