What are some common affectionate pet-names for a lover or spouse in Romanian?

4 Answers

  • Iubito- sweetheart

    dragă! or scumpul meu!- honey

    adorat- dear

    iubirea mea- my love

  • Romanian Pet Names

  • I call my husband Billy or Billy Goat or Monkey. His name isnt even close to billy or anything so its pretty funny when were around people we know and I call him "Bill". His name is Jimi BTW. Haha He calls me "Cheetah". Dont ask the meanings behind them because I cant even remember since weve been calling eachother those names for so long.

  • iubito (f) iubitule (m) - my love, my sweetheart

    dragă(f) dragule(m) - my dear

    scumpo(f) scumpule - my dear, my precious

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