What are some fun kissing games to play with my boyfriend?

Okay, my boyfriend is coming over Tuesday, he has been gone on a trip for like 2 weeks and I finally get to see him again!

We know the game and play the games...

Get candy and pass it to each other by making out.

Are you nervous?

and the last one, guess what flavor. Which is where I put on some flavored lip gloss and he can't look I make out with him and he guesses it.

We're 15, and we will be kissing a ton.

So thanks to whoever answers!

and the more touchy, sexy, and all that the more fun and closer to best answer you'll get :]


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  • I guess I don't know the "Are you nervous" game...how does it go? You don't really need a kissing game, do you? What's wrong with just snuggling up with each other and looking into one another's eyes while nibbling on each other's lips? Works for me!

  • Games To Play With Boyfriend

  • Here's a fun game I like to play with my boyfriend. Bring a blindfold, and have him sit next to you, preferably on a couch. Blindfold him, then let his hands and lips roam! It's fun because it relies more on touch and you can surprise him easily. Also, it takes some of the pressure off with being under his eyes.

  • Card Kisses

    Sit in a circle (guy/girl). Fold a card for each person with a part of the body written on it (e.g. tounge, lips, cheek, stomach, etc). Pass out the cards and you have to kiss, lick, or suck that body part of his body.

    Cherry Game

    Take a cherry and spit it to your partner and the have to catch it with there mouth.

    Chocolate Kisses

    This game allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth while satisfying your passionate love for your partner at the same time. First get a bottle of hot fudge or chocalate syrup and then have your partner lie down. Take their shirt off (or pull it up) and draw an object on a part of their body with the chocolate. Now lick and kiss it off and have fun while doing it.

    Hand Kisses

    Pick a type of kiss for each of your five fingers. Have your partner choose one of your fingers, then give them that type of kiss.

    Ice Cubes for Two

    Lay your partner down and place an ice cube on their stomach. Then have them gently sit up, allowing the ice cube to slide down their stomach. Where ever it lands, you have to caress and kiss for two minutes. This will definitely lead to more fun.

    Movie Kissing

    Watch a movie full of kisses with mute volume. During every kissing scene, you and your partner make the sounds, but can't touch each other until the movie is over.

  • If you are fifteen I would try Strip and kiss were you kiss and for every kiss/30seconds of tongue you remove an item of clothing, the hotter the kiss the more "important" piece of clothing comes off.

    Also if you don't want to do that you could get some kiss dice from Spencer's, they have Kiss, Squeeze, Touch, Lick, Stroke etc. on one die and body parts on another, if those are to steamy then i would make your own with him, it would be cute to do it together.

    Lastly you could welcome him back with a special gift like Coupons for make out sections when ever her wants or free massage , or something cute that is personal to YOUR boyfriend something only HE really likes

    truth or dare is fun to but you have to get the ball rolling by asking him to do something you have always wanted but haven't ever told him you like,something new

  • I painted a shoe box once and put strips of paper in it for my boyfriend to close his eyes and pick one at a time out of. The strips of paper would say "french kiss for 1 minute" or "kiss and touch for 2 minutes" or "take shirts off and hug"....you can come up with all kinds of stuff.

  • U could actually play the love control.

    Its when the girl controls the love of the boy by asking,can u go down on me rght now? ı haven't washed for 4 days,and if the boy does it he gets to ask for something nastier like mixing come with chocolate pudding and making her eat it.

  • I once got my boyfriend a ring and I put duck tap all over it so he had to cut it to get it open and then he was so happy that I got him that

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  • Hey, there is a game me and my girlfriend play a lot. Act like there is a barrier between you to. And you have to sit as close together as possible. If one of you kisses the other, he/she looses.

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