what are some fun things to write about in my journal?

it’s not a diary, just any fun suggestions?? like lists or other stuff?

i already have..

life plans


top ten lists



7 Answers

  • Oh yeah, lists are really good. Here are some specific ideas:

    10 names I’d like to call my children

    Reasons why my room is <<<<. (I don’t know what your room is like! You’ll have to fill in the blank.)

    My favorite books/CDs/movies/TV programs/games

    New Year’s Resolutions

    100 things I’d like to do before I die

    5 things I’d like to do the summer after I graduate

    My dream meals

    How I’d do my dream room (include pics and a blueprint)

    Things that make me sad.

    Things that make me smile.

    Things that make me say, What??

    Your typical daily schedule.

    10 things you’d like to tell your future self about yourself right now.

  • Fun Things To Write About

  • Even though it’s not a diary, if something neat happens one day, you may want to write about it. Also, you can use it like a date book. Talk about big things coming up that you’re looking forward to. Or maybe, you could plan out a dinner list for a week and let whoever does the shopping use it as an actual menu for the week! (I’ve done that before).

    Also try:

    Friends you would invite to a party if you were having one

    Your opinions of people

    favorite songs


    colleges you want to attend (i’m not sure how old you are)

    possible future jobs/careers

    Have fun! =]

  • – Describe the main events of each day -Pray to God on the paper -Copy down and ponder favorite Scriptures or inspirational writings -Make fun lists. “Places I Want to Go”, “My Most Embarrassing Moments”, “Probable Pros and Cons of Dating X”, “My Favorite Things”, etc. -Write your rants about the world and humanity -Paste in great recipes, receipts, movie tickets, notes from friends, and such -Draw pictures of people you know

  • Doodles.


    Things you need to remember to look up later (like notes to self).

    Here are some possible lists:

    -People you would not be sad if they disappeared

    -Things you wish you’d said

    -Ideas for books/movies/songs/poetry

    -Reasons why…(you like a certain person, you want to live a certain place…)

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    Write about the things that interest you. Personal stories are usually the best.

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