What are some good proxy sites that enable Youtube ?

I know i could simply search for one but 99% of the time is blocked, the only proxy site that seem to work for me is sites that have the word "Math" in it so can someone tell me a proxy site that relates to Math so its unblocked for me. Thank you

10 Answers

  • Download Hotspot Shield or Tor (or any other VPN) on a flash drive and carry it with you.

  • Buy a good VPN.

    Whatever you do don't fall for the bogus review on the so called best VPN review sites. They are all scams where the best reviewed VPN's are the ones that pay the review site the most money. Even the customer reviews on these sites are phoney.

    Also fancy VPN sites with instant gratification and setup are subject to getting hacked, like purevpn did last month. Customer emails and names were stolen and used by the hackers.

  • My spouse and i highly recommend making use of http://www.vpnmaster.org/ to unblock websites. I am using their services for more than 2 years with no problems.

  • My partner and i highly recommend employing http://www.vpnmaster.org/ to unblock web-sites. I am using their services for more than 2 years without complications.

  • I endorse making use of VPNPower to unblock internet sites. I've been using them since four years. http://www.vpnpower.net/

  • My spouse and i suggest using VPNPower to unblock web sites. I've been with them since four years. http://www.vpnpower.net/

  • We recommend using VPNPower to unblock sites. I have been using them since four years. http://www.vpnpower.net/

  • Did you use TOR or Zenmate they also help to access youtube.. otherwise you can use free vpn service

    some proxies which you can try




  • I use from my http://www.zalmos.com/

    works with VEVO videos on youtube.

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