What are the advantages and disadvantages of SISO in WIFI?

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  • Its not SISO – it’s MISO. Originally invented by the very hot actress Hedly Lemar back during WW2.

    On a piece of paper draw one dot on the left and three on the right – connect the lines left to right. You now see 3 obvious signal paths. Now add a second dot on the left – you now have 6 signal paths. Now add a 3rd dot on the left – you have 9 obvious signal paths. Now – consider the repercussions that the antennas on the right also talk to the antennas on the left – that leaves you 18 signal paths with just 6 antennas. The signals are transmitted phase shifted so they do not interfere with each other. I believe the story goes that Hedley Lamar was working on a player piano writing music for it when they discovered this……..

    The advantage is super increased bandwidth for your business WIFI – instead of hard wiring a new building you can simply drop in a Miso node or two and add wireless Miso nic cards and away your network goes in just a few hours. Even a marginal connection is fine for internet and sending docs to a network printer. Not weeks stringing cat-5e cable. For the home gamer with no choice but to use a wireless – a Miso router is as close they can come to a wired connection.

    Advantage – since your data is broken up into packets, and they travel kitty wampus across all the antennas and phases to be re-assembled at the receive side……… this makes it very, very, very, very, very difficult if not impossible to listen in on without a perfect signal and synchronization with the original router. Security is quite high. Only down side is cost.

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