what are the causes and effects of racial prejudice?

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  • Causes: Ignorance, brainwashing, upbringing, negative experiences with individuals of a given race, negative images portrayed in media and societal stereotypes, separation, hate, lack of education, distorted thinking, fear….

    Effects: judgment, slurs, violence, hate crimes, death, inequality, inhumanity, discrimination, derrogation, exaltation, miscomunicaiton, misunderstanding, prejudice, conflict, degredation, individualization, dehumanization, confimration bias, bigotry, intolerance…

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    what are the causes and effects of racial prejudice?

  • Causes And Effects Of Racism

  • The Outsider is right… Those are the causes and effects… However in some countries is possible to see that racism is almost none existing; however discrimination remains… as strong as ever… In my country for example there’s not much racism; there are stupid people of course… however, since we haven’t had they same problems as other countries, I guess the wound is not quite open… Anyway, calling someone “negrito” here is sort of sweet, and the person doesn’t even have to be African-ecuadorian to be called that way… however, if a were to call someone “little ***** boy” in U.S.A… well, that’s not going to be pretty… I guess at the end it depends on the history of the country… Anyway; over here there is not much racism, however clasism is somewhat strong… and is because of the obvious social difference among people… Few have a lot, and a lot have few… and others (very, very few) have somewhat in between…

  • the cause of racial prejudice is fight and effect of racial prejudice is start !

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