What are the dangers of being bitten by a squirrel?

I feed this squirrel in my neighborhood every couple of days, and he eats the nuts from my hand sometimes.. I’m worried what could possibly be the danger if he bit me or something..?

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  • Squirrels, like all mammals, have the possibility of carrying rabies, a disease that is fatal to humans. If bitten by a rabid animal, a human must get vacinated before the symptoms of rabies start, or it is almost always fatal.

    I am not saying that this squirrel is rabid. But it is a wild animal, and you have no way of knowing what diseases it may have.

    Also, if you are feeding the squirrel, he is losing his fear of humans. Someday, he may go up to some other human and think he is going to be fed, and he may be surprised to find that not all people are as nice as you. Someone might harm him or kill him, thinking he was dangerous. Or someone might harm him or kill him, because there are bad people in the world who do bad things to innocent animals.

    The best thing good, animal-loving people can do for wild animals is not try to tame them. If they lose their instincts to flee from predators (humans), they could die.

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    What are the dangers of being bitten by a squirrel?

    I feed this squirrel in my neighborhood every couple of days, and he eats the nuts from my hand sometimes.. I'm worried what could possibly be the danger if he bit me or something..?

  • Squirrels DO NOT carry rabies! If a rabid animal bites a squirrel, that squirrel is going to die.

    I have been bit by squirrels many times, and yes I went to the emergency room the first time not knowing anything about it. The doctor cleaned my bite, wrapped it up, and sent me home. And that was all that could be done, as the doctor confirmed squirrels carry no diseases that a human can obtain.

    If you feed them from your hand, you do want to be careful. A squirrels eyesight is not very good when they are close up and they may mistake your hand for a nut.

  • ok well first things first, be cautious, i used to have a couple pet squirrels and they were great, but they have mood swings like a pregnant woman, so there co0nstantly thinking something different. ie.. o goodness! that nut looks fabulous [ten seconds later] i wonder what an air conditioner tastes like!.. you get the point.

    they dangers of a squirell bite or minimal, but if you do get bit, go to your docter immediatly to check the spot. squirells can carry some pretty gross desieses, so at anytime if you ever get bit by a squirrell, schedule a doctors appointment as soon as possible, even if it cuts in with work or school.

    but if you do get bit, and have to wait a day or 2 before the doctor, rub neosporin on the wound and wash it regularly, but do not use hand sanitizer cause thats gonna sting like crap. wrap it up in a little bit of stretching white dressing, you can get it at a drug store for about 50 cents or so.

    good luck, and hope u dont get bit!!

  • or, you have heard of the dangers from others. Margecutter is right about the possibility of rabies.

    But also be aware that every year there are instances of rodents, squirrels or chipmunks being found to have Plague!!

    For this reason I would be VERY careful around such wild creatures. Plague is transmitted by fleas that are on the creatures, so he would not have to bite you fro you to be infected!

    PLEASE take the time to do some research on this. A quick search on the internet should give you all the details.

  • That’s ironic. I was just bit by a squirrel today and so far nothing has happened. I know that it takes about 30 to 50 days to see symptoms and it is doctor recommended that you get a tetanus shot every 10 years. But if you do get bit you

    Wash your hands with soap and water

    Use hydrogen peroxide to get the saliva out

    Alcohol to clean the wound further

    Use Neosporin bandage it up.

    Then contact your doctor as fast as you can to check for rabies.

    If you do have rabies you will have to get a rabies shot everyday for 3 months.

    If you have further questions mayo clinic is a good website to check out.

  • Bites maybe!! carrying all types of infections A trip to the hospital for an anti tetanus shot as well as possible stiches to the lacerations made by squirrels razor sharp teeth An Alsation dog had to receive 14 stitches when a squirrel attacked him yes thats right 14. If your in england stop feeding the grey squirrels they little beggars are murdering the native english red squirrels the grey squirrels are classed as vermin by all all councils, dont encourage them to breed more by feeding them please.!!

  • Squirrel Bite

  • All I know is that my dad got bitten by a squirrel trying to save it, and nothing happened to him. That was a couple years ago..haha..

  • to day i had a squirell bite. I visited the doctor and she told me to take a TT first. she also prescribed Ridzol-400 thrice a day for three days. she told to wash it emidietly with clean water and lifebuoy soap. now it is ok and not to worry about it.

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