What are the different flavours for flapjacks?

what can you add to make them more tasty because i think plain ones aren't very nice?

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  • Make pb&j pancakes. Add a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter to the pancake batter. Cook as usual. In a small saucepan, melt 1/2 cup of any flavor jelly or preserves over low heat. Use this in place of syrup. YUM!

  • Flapjack Flavours

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    there's lots of flavours you can use: strawberry, vanilla. but unusual/different flavourings or for flavour and texture: rum flavouring (though maybe not for a school, but rum flavouring it self has none or at least very little alcohol in and that gets cooked away. im not suggesting actual drinking rum) coconut peanut butter butterscotch toffee (like the soft werthers originals torn into pieces) small sweets like smarties, jelly tots, jelly beans, ect (they'd give you an unusual taste and colouring) nuts or chocolate covered nuts or even yogurt covered nuts bananas (iv had them in muffins and flapjacks but they would go well in fairy cakes) Cherry's (ether kind, though i don't like the fruit ones) mixed dried fruit or seeds caramel, syrup, or there are those liquid flavourings that ice-cream vans add On top of ice cream cones (strawberry, raspberry, bubble gum) chocolate chips (white, dark/plain or milk) i cant think of many others of the top of my head and my ideas might sound and probably are strange but they would certainly make your cakes different from the plain ordinary fairy cake recipe. iv not even tried most of these myself but next time i do any baking i try them myself, because personally out of what iv mentioned the weirdest it'll do to your cakes would be the colouring because each of them would make an ordinary fairy cake even better 🙂 i will say this though you're better of testing a variety of flavoured fairy cakes so you know that when the go to the school bake sale then they will taste ok and most people (well kids anyway) would love them. because it wouldn't be good to take a load of fairy cakes that you've added something to that's unusual with ot knowing yourself that it tastes fine. have fun hope your sisters school raise the amount they are needing.

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    What are the different flavours for flapjacks?

    what can you add to make them more tasty because i think plain ones aren't very nice?

  • You can add fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, etc to the batter. Pour onto a hot griddle like you normally would and the finished Flapjack will be Absolutely delicious.

  • How about putting tiny pieces of dried pineapple and mango in vanilla cupcakes? Or, inject vanilla cupcakes with Cool Whip or vanilla pudding, and it's like a Twinkie. Or, I make a great Hot Fudge cake. Simply put the recipe into cupcake molds. When done cooking it has hot fudge on top! Google it.

  • I like chocolate chip ones and blueberry ones.One thing I always wanted to try are cinnamon ones. Just put a little bit of cinnamon in them, and a tiny bit of vanilla in them. Another is double chocolate chip ones. Like add cocoa powder and a lot of chocolate chips in them. Ones that I have a lot are taco pancakes. You just put whipped cream or Cool Whip on them and fold them in half. They're REALLY good!!!!

  • I like to add a lot of sugar and some almond extract, sometimes a little powdered sugar. It makes them a lot sweeter and it tastes awesome when paired with bacon or eggs.

  • berries. Like blueberries, or sliced strawberries.

    You can add nuts, and mashed bananas to give it a banana nut bread flavor.

    I add peanut butter on top of mine after they're cooked for more flavor.

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