What are the side effects of Parvo shots?

My german shepard got his Parvo shot the other day and now he will not walk on his back legs. has this been a problem with anyone else and if it has what happened or what can i do?

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  • The clinical signs associated with vaccine reactions typically include fever, stiffness, sore joints

    and abdominal tenderness, susceptibility to infections, neurological disorders and encephalitis,

    collapse with autoagglutinated red blood cells and icterus (autoimmune hemolytic anemia)

    (AIHA), or generalized petechiae and ecchymotic hemorrhages (immune-mediated

    thrombocytopenia)(ITP).1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13 Hepatic enzymes may be markedly elevated, and liver or

    kidney failure may occur by itself or accompany bone marrow suppression. Furthermore, MLV

    vaccination has been associated with the development of transient seizures in puppies and

    adult dogs of breeds or cross-breeds susceptible to immune-mediated diseases especially

    those involving hematologic or endocrine tissues (e.g. AIHA, ITP, autoimmune thyroiditis). 1,7,10

    Post-vaccinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated occasionally with the use of

    distemper, parvovirus, rabies and presumably other vaccines. 2, 3, 7 This can result in various

    clinical signs including muscular atrophy, inhibition or interruption of neuronal control of tissue

    and organ function, muscular excitation, incoordination and weakness, as well as seizures. 7

  • Was the injection given in the hip???? How old his your dog??

    If the injection was in the hip sometimes you can accidently hit a nerve. But the side effects won’t last long. Sometimes the vaccination will just cause muscle soreness and the effects should subside after a day or so. If either of things are not a possibility there may be another problem that is unrelated to the parvo vaccination.

    I would contact your veterinarian and see what they have to say

  • Just to let you know….my dog had the same reaction to a Parvo shot….complete loss of back legs…could not walk about 36 hours after shot…I called the vet and took him right in….she said she never heard of that happening after a Parvo shot BUT it IS happening!! I wouldn’t be surprised if these vaccinations are coming from different manufactures and may not be up to the standards they once were….my dog had exrays, blood work and everything was normal….but, the vet was sure it was a nerve issue and was concerned where the vaccine came from…she is going to report the symptoms to the manufacturer…..the symptoms were temporary and I’m glad to say my dog is back to normal now…..it took about 12 hours….BUT, THIS IS A POSSIBLE SYMPTOM of this vaccine….

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    What are the side effects of Parvo shots?

    My german shepard got his Parvo shot the other day and now he will not walk on his back legs. has this been a problem with anyone else and if it has what happened or what can i do?

  • Hi. My puppy had the same reaction. She got her shot in her shoulder and became lethargic with a fever an hour later. She began to cry and her hind legs began to swell. its been almost 24 hours and she is still with a fever and a hard time walking. Every time she has received a parvo shot (thank god this was her “last” one recommended) she had an adverse reaction. Her throat was swollen the first time and she then choked on her food and had to go to the emergency room. Just because a reaction isnt “normal” doesnt mean it isnt a reaction to the vaccine. I am never giving her another one. Many dogs develop deceases, but no one connects it to the vaccine.

  • If a dog has had his vaccinations, then he does not need to have them again. Vaccinations last for years and years.

    A duration of immunity study was done and published in 1999 by Dr. Ron Schultz of Wisconsin University. Here’s the link


    I’ve never heard of your particular problem as a side effect, but there are many. Dogs will be sore for a couple of weeks after a vaccination.

  • Sounds like he needs his hind legs checked. My dog was fine after the shot. He may has hip problems. You can feed him Happy hips from Dogswell but this won’t fix the problem if he has a Major issue, it will just put the nutrients and good stuff and help him bones and joints!

    My dog his back legs pop, but he still walks on them, it doesn’t bother him im going to ask the vet when i go in to get his yearlies.

    You should call the vet, and find out if that is common, although i don’t think it is.

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  • As everyone else has stated, that is an odd side-effect. Of course, the shot was administered in his hind-quarters so he could be just sore. German Shepherds are pretty tough usually though (by the way, it’s spelled SHEPHERD) so I’d think it’s just a coincidence and something else is wrong. Get him to your vet and good luck.

  • Never heard of that as a side effect of the vaccine. I would dare say that you have another problem and need to see the vet ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The vaccine is given SubQ….NOT in the muscle, so there should be NO soreness from the vaccine!!!!!!

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