What are the two types of fermentation?

What are two types of fermentation?

What types of cells ferment lactic acid? What types of cells
ferment alcohol and carbon dioxide?

What forces a skeletal muscle cell to switch from aerobic to
lactic acid fermentation?

Which mechanism is more efficient with glucose catabolism:
aerobic respiration OR lactic acid ferm.?

Which gaseous molecule is used up in the body cells during
aerobic cell respiration? (hint: check the overall formula of
aerobic cell respiration to determine the gas chemicals)

Which gaseous molecule is produced in the body cells during
aerobic cell respiration?

With regards to evolution and the hypothesized gross lack of
oxygen in the atmosphere billions of years ago, which type of cell
do you think appeared first: a prokaryotic type or a
eukaryotic type? Remember, prokaryotic cells lack many of
the cell structures that are found in eukaryotic cells. Given this
understanding, which type of cell respiration do you think is the
oldest (or most conservative)?


1. alcoholic fermentation and
lactic acid fermentation

2. Lactic acid by
Human muscle celss, some bacteria
and fungi.
alcohol and carbon dioxide by Yeast

3. in skeletal muscle that has an insufficient oxygen supply to
allow aerobic respiration to continue lactic acid fermentation
(that is, in muscles used to the point of fatigue).

4. aerobic respiration

5. Oxygen

6. Carbon dioxide


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