what caused the civil war!!?? help?

i have to write an eassy test on what caused the civil war but i dont know at wich important event to began at!? please help what was the first start of it??

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  • The United States had been growing even more divided since the First Continental Congress. For the first half of the 19th century the country was held together and unified only by the concept of Manifest Destiny. Slavery was the main issue that caused the division but other things came into play (although they all were related to slavery). Such as states' rights. Southern states (Democrat Party) didn't think the Federal government should have the right to abolish slavery and they believed the State governments should have the power. Whereas the Northern states (predominately Whig party then the Republican party) strongly believed in a big, powerful central/federal government that would have the power to abolish the "biggest evil in America."

    But many events led up to the Civil War. To be honest, as stated before, the division started early in the formation of the country. The North was industrializing at an incredible rate. The South was resisting industrialization in favor of their plantation lifestyle.

    The North was modernizing much faster which accelerated "enlightened" thinking. There were tens of thousands of railroads built in the U.S., with over 90% of them being built in the North.

    The North believed in a different type of lifestyle and economy. They believed in social mobility, and always being productive. In the south, the elite did everything they could to keep blacks, and poor whites, at the bottom of the chain and they believed in working hard so you could not have to work forever.

    For the first half of the 19th century the country was held together and unified only by the concept of Manifest Destiny

    MANY events led to the division of the country and ultimately Civil War

    -both Missouri Compromises (the second compromise that was not not completed by Henry Clay would be the most controversial)

    -Slave rebellions, both domestic and foreign

    -Dred Scott Case

    -John Brown's raid

    -the caining of Charles Sumner

    -etc.....(just google a timeline)

    Ultimately, I would argue that the election of Abraham Lincoln started the Civil War. Throughout his political career he was very outspoken against slavery. The southern Democrats new this and feared that his election would mean the end of their very way of life. In response to his victory, one by one the slave states began to secede (even though some slave states stayed in the Union). In fact, the Confederate states had all seceded before Lincoln was even inaugurated.

    That is the "event" that I would choose started the Civil War because Lincoln said it best when he said "a house divided against itself can not stand." Many people will try to argue that slavery didn't really cause the war, but they are mistaken. Slavery caused the war.

  • There are two answers:

    1) States rights-

    The southern states felt threatened by the northern states. The south was primarily an agricultural sector while the north was an industrial sector. The south was afraid that the north was attempting to control the southern states and so they rebelled. The federal government was passing taxes and tariffs on southern goods, mainly cotton (the southern way of life). The south saw the north as leeching off the prosperity of the south. They believed that the federal government was gaining too much power and they believed they had the right to secede. The north felt it had a duty to preserve the union and did not wish to let the southern states leave. The Civil War was fought to bring the southern states to reason and have them rejoin with the north, creating an unbroken United States.

    2) Slavery-

    Northern abolitionists wished to end slavery in the south. The south depended on slavery to run their plantations and farms. When the radical republicans seized power in the federal government, the deep south states felt that the abolition of slavery was the first thing they would attempt to pass in congress. So they sent out delegates to the other slave owning states to convince them to secede on the grounds that their slavery must be preserved.

  • There were many reasons for a Civil War to happen in America, and political issues and disagreements began soon after the American Revolution ended in 1782. Between the years 1800 and 1860, arguments between the North and South grew more intense. One of the main quarrels was about taxes paid on goods brought into this country from foreign countries.

    Northern and mid-western states were becoming more and more powerful as the populations increased. Southern states lost political power because the population did not increase as rapidly. As one portion of the nation grew larger than another, people began to talk of the nation as sections. This was called sectionalism.

    As the nation grew in size, so did the opportunities for expansion westward. Many felt that slavery should be allowed in the new territories such as Kansas and Missouri, while others were set against it.

    The debate became very bitter. Southern politicians outwardly charged that their voices were not being heard in congress. Some Southern states wanted to secede, or break away from the United States of America and govern themselves. Emotions reached a fever pitch when Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860. He was a member of the Republican Party and vowed to keep the country united and the new western territories free from slavery. Many Southerners, who were Democrats, were afraid that Lincoln was not sympathetic to their way of life and would not treat them fairly. The growing strength of the Republican Party, viewed by many as the party friendly to abolitionists and northern businessmen, and the election of the party's candidate was the last straw. Southern governors and political leaders called for state referendums to consider articles of secession.

    Slavery to most non-historians is the reason. But from the lincoln diaries, lincoln confessed, if the south would come back, he and congress would not allow slavery abolished. And would let western states decide for themselves. But since they didn't because of taxes and representation, lincoln decided to just ship them off to other countries when freed. Which was his plan since before starting public office. But the restoration of the south was so costly, they didn't relocate the slaves.

    And we have what is called the bloodiest period in our history.

  • The main reason of the Civil War was the division of unity between the Southern States (the Northern Virginia Army) and the Northern States (the Potomac army). They fought for several reasons, mainly because of slavery. The Southerner's did not want to give up their good life just so that all men could be equal. Other reasons included unfair taxations, acts passed by Congress and unfair trade laws.

  • For one, states rights and southern states trying to secede from the Union--do some googling to get ideas for starters!

    Fort Sumter******

    And, though slavery was another reason for conflicts between the north and south, it isn't exactly the cause of the Civil War.

    Ken is also right -- unfair taxation and tariffs were part of the reason for secession, which was the main reason for the Civil War.

    Interesting, Johnny. 😉

  • no the south seseded becaus of stats rights and the north started the was by taking fort sumpter by force and started to fire on charlstin so the confederets fired back THE WAR HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVORY lincan used the slave to win the war and he new who ever freed the slaves the blacks would fight for an the confedercy let blacks in ther army befor the north did and here is some history for you you knoe the land called nigera in africa aberham lencan was ging to deport the blacks to there

  • The first battle was the battle of bull run, or manassas, which ever you prefer. The souths goal was to gain independence (state sovereignty) and the norths was to preserve the union. The main reason the south wanted leave, was because they were being to controlled by the north, and abolitionists, and free soilers didn't want slavery, and they did.

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    what caused the civil war!!?? help?

    i have to write an eassy test on what caused the civil war but i dont know at wich important event to began at!? please help what was the first start of it??

  • Try UR textbook ?!?:) Hhaha but it was said tht "the first shots of the civil war was at harpers ferry" it was this guy who wanted to free the slaves(hence civil) and he fought for there rights.but he didn't succeed and was hung or hanged for what he did so basically a white dude was all

    "free black people!!!>:0" but he epic failed cuz the black slaves didn't fight alongside with him...and the local people out numbered him

  • People will say "states' rights" and "slavery" but these things were merely issues, not what caused it. What got the ball rolling was the failure of the second central bank and the ensuing takeover of major banksters (JP Morgan, the Rothschilds, etc) who eventually got exactly what they wanted; a united country from which they could fleece.

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