What channel is abc on?

I want to know the channel for abc on dish network in Illinois!! Not abc family, that's on channel 180. But just abc! Please like I can't find it..we mite not have it lol, but I wanna know anyways because I wanna watch Modern Family!

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  • Depends on your area. You can look up by zip code at Dish Network's main site.

    If you are in the Champaign, Springfield, Decatur area: ABC is 17

    If you are in the Chicago area: ABC is 7

    If you are in the Peoria, Bloomington area: ABC is 19

    If you are in the Quincy, Hannibal, Keokuk area: ABC is 29

    If you are in the Rockford area: ABC is 17

  • Illinois is too vague. There are probably quite a few ABC affiliate stations there.

    Generally, the channel number will be the same as the broacast channel (usually their traditional analog number they are known for).

    To find out for sure, look up your zip code on Zap2it.com and look at your lineup there.

  • It matters where you are because for me it is channel 5

  • Depends on your area, I have Dish and do not have ABC 🙁

  • This topic is worth more attention

  • Not sure if that's correct

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