what colour do you get when you mix black and white?

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  • You would not get a color at all. Black and white are not considered to be colors but shades. So mixing 2 shades together would give you various shades of black depending on how much of each shade you mix. Some call this Grey.

    Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow are primary colors. Mixing these colors together will give you secondary colors. For example Red and Blue will give you Purple.

    Mixing White or Black with any primary or secondary color will give you lighter or darker shades of that color.

  • White And Black Mix

  • Is this a loaded question or do you really want a real answer? You will get some shade of grey mixing white and black paint.

  • Grey. You can customize the shade by adding more black or more white. Just depends on whether you would like a dark or light shade of grey.

  • you get a shade of grey based on how much black and how much white you mix

  • NO Wait a second could it be Grey! or shades of Grey.!.or just grey.mix it up and find out.power is knowledge

  • Grey.

  • Greeeeeeeeeeey

    Add some yellow and make Polka dot

  • Greg, green is NOT a primary colour.

  • depending on the ratio of black to white, shades of gray.

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