What constitutes 5 nanograms of THC, for impaired driving?

I ask this because as Medical Marijuana becomes more readily available, states are trying to pass legal driving limits for under the influence of Marijuana, whether obtained legally or not. Colorado is one of the first states to implement such a driving standard. Apparently, 5 nanograms of THC, is like .08 blood alcohol level for impaired driving.

Is there someone more in the know about THC levels that could put it into perspective to how much a person would have to smoke in body weight and type of weed, to achieve a 5 nanograms reading?

2 Answers

  • “Concentrations vary depending on the potency of marijuana and the manner in which the drug is smoked, however, peak plasma concentrations of 100-200 ng/mL are routinely encountered. Plasma THC concentrations generally fall below 5 ng/mL less than 3 hours after smoking”

    so 100-200 nanograms are routinely encountered during the peak meaning i doubt you could realistically smoke any amount and reach a concentration that low. one hit of decent quality medical grade would most likely send you well past 50. that’s my interpretation of the data so don’t take it as the last word but i feel my reasoning is sound

  • 5 Nanograms Of Thc

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