What did Marilyn Monroe mean when she said, “It’s all make believe, isn’t it?”?

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  • I think she meant that every body's life, not just hers, has elements of illusion in it. Hollywood is all make-believe, and back then the "perfect" lives of the stars where certainly just more scripts that the stars were expected to act out. But we alls play make believe in our lives at some point. When you put on a brave face when you're being picked on; when you act confident even though you're scared silly; when you give a polite response even though you'd like to slap some one - that's "make-believe". Make-believe is the essence of civilization.

  • What do you know that comes out of Hollywood is real? Everything you see in movies is created unnaturally. When you think about it, even what is now called reality TV is not- because the settings are all created for filming. It's hard to really even say that the life style of movie stars is real because their income is so inflated. And everywhere they go, people want to show how happy they are to meet them, they give them free meals or whatever. They make all that money and much of the time they don't even need to spend it. That's certainly not real to you or me, is it?

  • It's about play acting & we all do this in life at times like putting on a brave front for people when we're hurting inside we all in a sense wear masks

  • I want to guess living a happy life. In her shoes, with Hollywood and such, it seemed that many actors were pressured and had to keep a "smiling" image.

  • I often end up asking the same thing on other sites

  • thank you everyone for all the answers!

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