What do 9th grade boys think?

Do u guys ever think of love?do you care bout a girls feelings?

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  • Think about love yes, care about girls feelings mhmm.. depends on the guy.

  • 9th Grade Boys

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    What do 9th grade boys think?

    Do u guys ever think of love?do you care bout a girls feelings?

  • We're not toddlers, of course we do. Well, some of us at least. I'm 14, and in 9th grade, and I totally care. Yet I know some kids who date girls to get some or just toy with them. I don't think about love very much, but when the topic comes up, I care.

  • Bries heart belongs to you is wrong, at least in my case. I am a 9th grade boy, and I think about love all of the time. I am in love right now with a girl. She is the nicest, most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I do care about their feelings also. I always make sure I never say the wrong thing, because I would never want to upset her. I never think about when I will jack off next either. Heck, I think about my math and music and photography more then I think about jacking off.

  • Hmm...9th grade boys- I don't know that they DO think. 🙂 Just going from memory here of the boys I knew in 9th grade...

  • some do haha but that's very few, some have a combination of feelings both mature and immature and some are just totally immature.

    heres the average thoughts tho (note! this is not the definition of every guys thoughts!): food, sports, sex, hhmm maybe i do care oh look video games, sports, love? no commitment, "maybe i should get some work done"....

    but some dont think that way

  • You answered your own question when you called them, "boys". What do YOU think "boys" think about? I'm going to assure you that there's a GOOD chance they don't think about LOVE. I'm sure they're compassionate and have a heart so they do care about girls' feelings and wouldn't want to see them upset, but I wouldn't go any further than that.

  • No, they don't. They think about having fun and when the next time they're going to jack off is. Nobody is capable of falling in love in 9th grade, sorry.

  • 1 out of 20 might. Just might care. But that 1 out of a 20 usually isn't usually dating.

  • I wonder this a lot too. Idk .I was watching a video on this kind of topic earlier today on youtube and the guy was like "girls make things difficult and guys make things complicated". Hun, that's just how they think:(

    But from personal experiences I would say that they normally think about pussy. And I'm not talking about the cat;)

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