what do avocados taste like?

I've heard that they tasye like peanut butter. is this true? and is it a fruit or vegetable.

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  • I like them on turkey and tomato sandwiches. They have a uniqe flavor, hard to describe but they're slippery. The challenge is cutting them, getting the pit out without cutting yourself.

  • What Does Avocado Taste Like

  • well, there are different kinds of avocados. I hate Florida avocados but I love Haas. I can't describe the flavor but I can tell you that the texture is a little slimy and avocados are definitely an acquired taste.

  • I wish I had some fruit or vegetable to relate a comparison with avocado. It is a creamy, buttery like - taste - but not the taste as in milk. It is considered a fruit and came to us from Venezuela. What actually gives "taste" to avocado is "what you put in it". The 'seasoned taste' of the other items lend itself toward the buttery avocado. Good things - helps lower cholesterol; helps with diarrhea and has been known to be used as an antibiotic. Leaves are high in oils and used widely for medicinal purposes. Highest in oil only next to olives.

    Source(s): food.oregonstate.edu/ref/culture/taboo_allen.html
  • They taste really good sliced up on a BLT. The creaminess of the avocado and the crunchy bacon go amazingly together. You can also mix a diced avocado into a salad.

  • try them, you'll like them. avocados are a fruit (they have a pit, or seed) but they have a hardy flavor, don't know about tasting like peanut butter, though. they are high in fat content, for a fruit, so you wouldn't want to eat an avocado a day, like we should apples!

  • They definately don't taste like peanut butter. They taste like avocados, a unique taste, not too strong, very good with something a little salty. Avocados are also fruit, not vegetables 🙂

    Source(s): avid avocado lover
  • it is a fruit, and they are great...if you buy them and they are not quite ripe, they will be really hard..let them sit a day or two and they will ripen like some other fruits do. you can slice them on sandwiches or tortillas/tacos, or chunk them up and put them in salads, eat them plain, or turn them into guacomole for a great dip with tortilla chips. they don't taste like peanut butter, but they sometimes do have a slightly 'nutty' taste. in less you are making a dip, don't buy more than a couple at a time, because they won't keep long.

  • Avocados have a taste that is closely like that of cooked egg-yolk (that yellow part of the egg). They go great with just plain salt and pepper. You can also add lemon-pepper seasoning or lemon or lime juice. 🙂

  • It's a fruit from a tree..

    To me it kinda tastes like pistacio nut.. It's creamy like peanut butter. If you've ever had guacomole then you've had avacado.

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