What do I call my Mother’s uncle?

I keep wanting to refer to him as my uncle too. But my older sister gets mad at me for doing that and starts telling me that he's not MY uncle. He's our Mother's uncle. He's nothing to me. That I should either refer to him as my Mother's uncle or call him by his first name or last name only. Bit that I should never refer to him as my uncle. Is my sister right? I mean, I always thought that if he is my mom's uncle then he is also MY uncle. Am I wrong? I'm confused.

I'm 30 years old, btw.

10 Answers

  • Anything but dad!

  • Gran-uncle. But to be fair if your sister gets mad at you for calling him uncle I think that she needs to get a life. I called my parents uncles and aunties my uncles and aunts because they are family.

  • He is your great uncle or sometimes grand uncle. The usual address for him is Uncle ______(name). He IS something to you. He is by blood or marriage your great or grand uncle. Your sister is wrong. Scientifically, his DNA can be found in you if he is a blood uncle, rather than by marriage, through your Grandfather and Grandmother and down to you by way of the parent he is the uncle of. If he is by marriage, then it's not blood but by law he is your great or grand uncle.

  • Hes your great uncle. I call my great uncle by uncle, or his first name =)

  • First name or "Uncle/Great Uncle."

  • Tell your sister to take the stick out of her ***. It IS your uncle, your "great-uncle".

    Source(s): I happen to have great-uncles too. WOW.
  • hes your great uncle, thats the offical term used, "great uncle" he can also be refared to as just "uncle".

  • I call all my great aunts and uncles aunt" " uncle " " or just first name bases. if its family, three's no sense in making it awkward 🙂

  • he's your great uncle, and u can call him his name or wtvr he's comfortable with even uncle

  • Call My Mother

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