what do regular backyard lizards eat, i found one that is very skinny and i want to help it live?

i fould a lizard (about 4 1/2 inches long) and he/she/it is very malnourished, he/she/it barely moves and i just want he/she/it to be happy howver long it lives i will let him loose in the wild if he/she/it seems noticably better… thanks!

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  • live bugs

  • If you live in the US it’s prohibited by Federal law to remove a native animal from its natural habitat. The lizard serves a purpose in the wild, and that’s where it needs to stay. Wild lizards can have parasites and diseases. Wild caught lizards seldom adjust to captivity, and they die. Stress enables the immune system to fail, and disease or illness to set upon the lizard. It’s scared, so it’s already in stress. If he has touched your heart and made you want a lizard, then you need to google lizards and see what kind you want. Once you do that, you need to learn everything about taking care of that type of lizard. Once you know what he eats, and the habitat is set up, and the cool and warm temperature gradients are set, then that is the time to bring home your new captive born lizard. I know it’s cute, and you’d rather keep him. But that is not the best thing for the lizard, or for you. Do the right thing, and let the poor lizard go. It’s already in stress, and afraid. Let it go before it gets sick.

  • What Do Garden Lizards Eat

  • Most lizards eat insects like crickets and worms. Some will eat vegetation.

    I suggest going to kingsnake.com and posting there. A lot of great educated people there who could probably help you indentify the lizard and provide him with what he needs.

    Good luck with the little guy.

  • It will probably do better if you let it go. Let it go where you found it.

    Most lizards eat appropriate sized insects. Some will also eat vegetation,fruit,flowers,nectar. It all depends on where you are & what type of lizard it is. It may need water also.

  • I found this baby lizard in my back yard in Simi Valley California. It is about one inch long. What should I feed it? Thank you all!

  • Hello. I believe they would eat little bugs and things such as flies and spiders. Hope this helps. Also try things like clovers and grass.

  • go to your local pet store and get a bag of live grasshoppers. they are very cheap and the lizard should eat them up.

  • That’s so kind of you! There should be more helpful people like you now a days!

  • I had asked the same question four times, and didn’t receive a good answer

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