What do they call soda in England?

15 Answers

  • Coke/Pepsi etc are known as 'soft drink/s' or fizzy drink.

    In the North of England and some older people know them by the term 'pop', as in 'a bottle of pop'.

  • Soda In England

  • In the United Kingdom, 'soda' as you call it, is a name given to any fizzy drink: lemonade, ginger beer, Cola, etc.

  • Depends on what ur talking about, it can be called Fizzy or like coke, Pepsi

  • Fizzy Drinks 😉

  • Pop or fizzy drinks

  • fizzy drink mostly,in a english restaurant know sometimes its called a 'soft drink'

  • Pop, fizzy drink or soft drink.

  • Soda.

  • Fizzy drinks 🙂

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