what do you call your husbands’ brothers’ wife?

i know my husbands sister is my sister-in-law, but what is the technical term for my husbands brothers wife? is that still a sister-in-law? or is it what a friend of mine has called it, a co-sister?

my friend mentioned that it's a slang term in one of the states in India when refering to your spouses inlaws (i.e. my husbands' sisters' husband would be my co-brother).

a diff friend mentioned that co-sister could be short for "common sister" aka "common law sister", what do you think?

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  • She is your husband's sister-in-law, but not yours.

    There is no "official" social designator for the in-law of your spouse.

    She's just "Sally", "Mary" or whatever her name is.

    You would introduce her to others as your husband's sister-in-law.

    Since modern society is so loose and casual, the need for formal titles is anachronistic anyway.

  • I call my husband's brother's wife a Bit*h!

  • My wife call my sister's husband brother-in-law and my brother's wife a sister-in-law.

    So I guess you can call them that.

  • well you could call her by her name, or sister-in-law once removed, or Hey You!, or that woman who lives with my husbands brother, or my brother-in-law's wife, or just plane sister-in-law.

    The proper title that you would give this lady would be sister-in-law. However, you could call her anything you would like. I mean after all she is your husband's brother's wife.

  • It would still be a sister-in-law because all the family on your husbands' side are your in-laws.

    His brother is your brother-in-law

    His sister is your sister-in-law

    His mother is your mother-in-law

    and so on...

    So your husbands' brother's wife is your sister-in-law

  • Still a sister-in-law

  • What do you call your husbands' brothers' wife?

  • sister-in-law...Your friend is not an idiot..i guess he or she doesn't know..

    A person's sister-in-law is his or her brother's husband, or spouse's sister.

    The term is often misapplied to the wife of a person's brother-in-law; the correct term for such a relationship is "sister-in-law by marriage."The plural form is "sisters-in-law".

    A person's brother-in-law is his or her sister's husband, or spouse's brother. A spouse's sisters' husband is also considered your "brother-in-law."[

  • Its sister in law.

  • just call her by her name.lol.well it would be sister in law...


    n., pl. sis·ters-in-law (sĭs'tərz-).

    The sister of one's spouse.

    The wife of one's brother.

    The wife of the brother of one's spouse.

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