What do you think they mean by hip, upscale attire?

We're going to a TV taping, and they said to wear hip, upscale attire. The specifics are listed here. "Hip, upscale attire please. It is very important that you dress nicely as you will be on camera. When you look great, the show looks great! No t-shirts, white tops, shorts, or hats!"

4 Answers

  • Hip, upscale attire means, be yourself, but, make your outfit look trendy. If you love wearing jeans, wear an expensive pair, together with a cute top and add accessories - and don't forget heels. If you like to wear dresses, do so, but make it look 'trendy'.

    My recommendation - go online to websites like saks.com and see what the current trends are for your style of clothes, then, try to emulate that style with what you have, or by adding a piece or two of clothing and/or jewelry.

    Have fun - sounds like a great event!

  • I would wear a nice dress, heels, and have hair done...

  • trendy, nice clothes. like a fancy top and nice khaki or black pants. Something nice that you would wear to church but also something trendy and hip

  • dress like your going out to dinner at a nice resurant

  • Wear nice,trendy clothes.............

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