what do you wear for a UV party?

I’ve been invited to a UV party/rave and i don’t really know what to wear because I have never been to one before

any suggestions?

thanks =]

5 Answers

  • Fluorescent clothing, and lots of it. Tutus, t-shirts, makeup, you can get pretty cheap UV reactive makeup in most shops. Glowsticks are always good, and UV contacts/ hairspray.

  • Black clothes and fluorescent Accessories which will then light up. That’s cooler than head to foot light ups. And you can streak your hair with UV colour. Also if you have piercings, a UV tongue stud is a great way to get noticed 😉

  • White t-shirt with highlighter drawn on it. I’m assuming by UV you mean blacklight. Correct?

  • light colors, such as white so it will glow in the dark:)

  • i like first person


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