What doe average CPM mean in adf.ly?

I thought it mane "Cash Per Month," but it says $1.78, but I know I make less than $0.50 per month.

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  • The roman numeral M for 1000 is used in the standard measure of advert pricing, CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 impressions. Your numbers would indicate 260 impressions of the ad.

    The Ad.fly sales page says: "Earn more than $4.00 / 1000 visitors" perhaps actual payout depends on your site subject, some attract better paying visitors than others.

  • Avg Cpm

  • DOE means Depending on Experience. The company will offer $12 for the least experience & pay up to $14 for the most. Your best bet is to negotiate for the highest amount. EOE means Equal Opportunity Employer, like Kris L says in her answer. Good luck on the job hunt & interview if you go after that job!!

  • Could it be cost per mille? (cost per 1000)

    Since their Web site claims that they will pay "up to $4 per 1,000 visitors" then that's probably what it means.

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