What does すきだよ (sukidayo) mean?

My Japanese ex-boyfriend wrote this to me in a text message…

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  • It means “I like you.” All the best!

  • It means I Like You.

    it can also be Daisuki dayo… or in kanji 大好きだよ or I Really Like You.

  • As above people have already said it means I like you.

    When I hear people say it I interpret it as “I like you alot” but the literal meaning is “I like you”.

    Hmmm ex-boyfriend huh?

    Looks like he’s not so “ex” emotionally!!

    Hopefully this is good news for you and not something that involves eyes rolling and sighing.

  • Sukidayo = I like you in Japanese

  • Your boyfriend is saying “I like ya” in a cute way.

    Japanese people dont say ‘love’ very often, but usually “daisuki” which is litterally ‘big like’ or ‘like heaps’

  • It’s pronounced Ski-da-yo. And yes it means I like you (literally you are pleasing)

  • that is pronounced as “ski” …suki means like but when you put it in a sentence it becomes [like or] love…”suki da yo” means “i really like you or i really love you” ‘yo’ emphasizes the speaker’s true feelings. you can say “suki da yo” or “anata wa suki da yo”

  • It is “I like you” or “I love you”

    it depends on the situation.

  • It means “I like you” in a cutesy kind of way. Wow…

  • Poo poo

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