What does 14K WG mean?

What does 14K WG mean?

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  • Fourteen Karat (14/24 or 58+% gold content) White Gold. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_gold#White_gold for discussion of various coloured gold alloys.

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    Hi there; K refers to "carat" is a measure of the purity of gold (white or golden red)...24 carat is fine a 100% PURE gold and the colour is more like very dark yellowish red. 18 carat is 75% gold meaning there is less gold in it and the colour is more like light gold. Yours is 14K so 58% of it is gold. In USA items 10K or greater are to be stamped with either "K" or "Kt." I really do not know if they make jewellery for 24K as have never seen it but they do make 22K bracelets and they are very very soft and bends a lot. B&M may well be the store's initials who sold the ring to your boyfriend. Also, silver gets oxidizied (dark) and less sparkels over the time whereas gold never does..Yours is white gold, I believe with the mixture of platinum I hope this helps!

  • 14k Wg

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