What does $17 Base pay/appt mean?

Does this mean $17 an hour or week, what?

Is this good pay?

4 Answers

  • I used to work for Vector Marketing, and I helped train new sales associates. Base pay is what you will make no matter what for each individual appointment or demonstration. You'll make more per appointment/demo when you sell products. So you'll get the $17 plus like 10% of whatever you sell. If you have say 5 appointment per day, 5 days per week, you'll make minimum $425/week, if you sell you make limitless more. Hopefully you're investing in something worthwhile. I helped train salespeople for Cutco Cutlery and Kitchen Utensils. Also, it's a better than Avon. My advice, start out using this as a part-time or supplemental income until you get tons of references and build you network. Lots of luck to you and I hope you have fun:)

    Source(s): Vector Marketing work experience
  • It could mean you have a base wage of $17 an hour plus appointments set. Or it could mean $17 an hour only with appointments set? Ask the place that told you they know best.

  • I would think it's "per appointment." So if you are working a job where you make appointments with clients, you make more money the more often you see clients. Hopefully, whatever the job is, appointments are not longer than an hour. Because then you can fill each day with 8+ appointments and make decent money.

  • Almost looks like "pay per appointment". What kind of job is it?

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