what does a Karate license look like? Is it an official document?

I was wondering.. do you get an official looking license or do you just get assigned a membership number or something?


I meant when you pay your membership/license/insurance yearly so that you can go for a a belt grading. I paid £15 for membership/license and in return got given a home made looking record of achievement type booklet and a badly cut out home print out (smaller then a credit card size piece of paper)with my son's name and a membership number plus a contact number and renewel date and karate logo .

Do you only need insurance?is the ropey piece of paper with membership number ok when learning karate or is it supposed to look more official?

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  • To answer your question according to my knowledge and experience in Martial Arts, what you are referring to a "Karate License" is actually a Certificate to train students in Karate. Which in most Martial Arts, requires a Document Certified Black Belt... But then there are differences in a regular Black Belt, and a Certified Trainer´s License Black Belt. Even with such a License, you are only limited to certain levels... for example, you would NOT be qualified to award someone else a Black Belt. Most Martial Arts require a higher level of Black belt certified person... for example, a 5th or 6th Dan/Degree can award a Black Belt, at least that´s how its done in Germany... Not too sure about the country that you are in...

  • Karate Licence

  • Depending on what you're trying to duplicate, I'd do a search on Google and find something as an example to work from. Generally when people used Photoshop to create a picture with an official looking document they create a rubber stamp seal and then distress it a little bit so it doesn't look so perfect. Now what you're doing is highly suspicious, but it's your butt in the sling if you get caught doing something wrong. Have fun.

  • There is no official "Karate License".

    Legitimate instructors will have some form of documented rank, and so will fake instructors. It's very easy now days to get false credentials, or credentials from diploma mills or shady organizations.

    If you are seeking a karate teacher, take your time, interview him, interview his students, and trust your gut. Don't get taken in by trophies or certificates.

    I have been training for over 30 years, and have seen plenty of phonies out there, sad to say, most of them have the most impressive looking papers, trophies and schools.

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