what does a point guard do?

casue when i play ball i have no idea what to do. i’ve never had training. i’m like do i mark him or him? everyone’s marked! what now?

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  • the point is the coach’s right hand man they bring the ball up the court call out the plays and lead the team they can see every thing since they usually operate at the top of the 3 point line. they are usually the best ball handlers, passers and can handle the most pressure of the team. most of the time theyre the shortest of the team unless ur like magic. they also have the most responcibility on the court

  • It is simpler than you think. Just distribute the ball to the person with the highest chance to make a high percentage shot and call set plays if you. Unless you are cutting or on a fast break, stay around the three point line. You must be the first one to get back on defense. The stereotype for the PG is short and quick although nowadays we see some tall PGs that have a good handle on the ball. need more help?

  • point guards are the lead of the team on the court. they are the main ball handlers.so work on your ball handling. they bring the ball up the court and start the play.they are the playmakers.they dont shoot much but they can.they usually have many assists and steals on defense.point guards also lead the team on defense.by making it hard on the other point guard to dribble or start a play.

  • The point guards responsibility is to run the offense, direct the team, distribute the ball and make plays. They also are expected to score and play defense on the opposing guards. It helps if you have a good outside shot.

  • Point Guard are the people who usually has the ball the most and calls plays for there team. There main job is assist.

  • A point guard takes the ball down the court.He sets up the plays. The point guard basically does all the dribbling.

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    Chris Paul. I like Deron alot, but Chris Paul had a sub-par season last year. He will play better than D-Will next season. Rajon Rondo. John Wall isn’t fully developed, and he has a major turnover problem. Rondo is arguably the best passer in the game today, and he doesn’t get too many turnovers. Also, Rondo is more consistent and efficient than Wall is. John wall has many off-nights. Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose is a better shooter and passer than Westbrook is. And he won MVP. Simple as that. Magic Johnson.The Big O’ was great and all, but let’s face it: He played in a weak era. The 60’s was not a tough era in the NBA. That is why talented players could dominate. There wasn’t too much talent or height in the NBA at that time. Magic Johnson is arguably the best passer ever in the history of the NBA. He was so versatile and dominating. I know that Oscar once averaged a triple double for a whole season, but I bet you Magic would top all of Oscar’s stats and average a quadruple double if he had played in the 60’s. He was that good. This one is extremely tough, but I am going with John Stockton on this one. John Stockton was an even better passer than Nash is. Stockton wasn’t as flashy, but averaged more assists. For instance, Stockton averaged 14.5 assists at his peak, while Steve Nash peaked at 11.6 assists per game. Stockton has by far more career points and assists than Steve Nash does. Stockton led the Jazz to back-to-back Finals appearances, while Nash has never made it to the Finals. Also I would like to point out that John Stockton averaged more points per 36 minutes than Nash, and in the 1989 playoffs, John Stockton averaged an UNBELIEVABLE 27.3 points per game and 13.7 assists per game. Both of these stats are far more amazing than anything Nash has put up in the playoffs. Isiah Thomas. Gary Payton is probably the greatest defensive point guard ever to play the game, but Isiah Thomas was a much better passer. Gary Payton never averaged more than 9 assists per game, while Isiah once averaged 13.9 assists per game. Also, Isiah performed better in the playoffs, averaging 20.4 ppg and 8.9 apg. Gary Payton averaged 14ppg and 5.3apg. The difference is very noticeable. Isiah has two rings, winning back to back titles while leading the Pistons in 1989 and 1990. Gary Payton has only one ring, which he only got because he was bailed out by being traded to the Miami Heat in his second last season. By that time, Gary was washed up, and the Miami Heat would’ve had no difficulty winning the title without him. So Isiah wins. Wow this ones tough, two of my favourite players from back in the day. Okay, Iverson was twice as good of a scorer then Chauncey was, and he averaged more assists than Chauncey. Also, Chauncey has shot under .400 four times during his career, while Iverson has only done that twice. The only thing that makes this a tough choice is that Chauncey has a ring and Iverson does not. I’m still gonna go with A.I though. Top 5 PG’s in the league today: 1. Chris Paul 2. Deron Williams 3. Derrick Rose 4. Rajon Rondo 5. Russell Westbrook Suggestions: For your next version, you should include players like Kevin Johnson, Tiny Archibald, Jason Kidd, Bob Cousy, Walt Frazier, and Pete Maravich (Whatever you do, you GOTTA include Pete Maravich) Btw, great question man, I like it. I really had to think for this one.

  • The whole team counts on a good point guard.

    you need GOOD vision

    good dribbling

    and an ok outside shot when left open

    and being able to drive and create shot opportunities for their team mates

  • The point guard is the playmaker

  • take the ball up the court

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