What does “as traded” mean in car ads?

Whenever I search for cars online, some of them say "as traded" in the description, and I can not find anything on this online.

7 Answers

  • It means the dealer took the car in as a trade and did absolutely nothing to remedy any potential problems or issues it may have had. Avoid any "as traded" vehicle at a car dealer. If the car dealership cannot justify spending the money to have the car road worthy, it just is not worth it. They are business people and have access to cheap parts and labour so if they are not interested, you should not be either. Simply too risky, you don't want any mysteries when buying a used car.

  • Traded Meaning

  • It means someone traded in a car for a new one, and the dealer has done nothing to it and knows little about it. It's in the condition it was in when it was traded in, hence, "as traded".

  • I have never heard that term used before but it sounds to me like the dealer did nothing to recondition the car and get it ready to sell. No repairs, no detailing, no time or money was spent on this car by the dealer to make it more sellable.

  • someone traded that car in on a new car and you're getting it "as traded"

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    it means the car has a lot of problems that need to be fixed to drive the car.

  • means the car is as is with no warranty

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