what does ”baboso” mean in spanish?

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  • dumbass or stupid or idiot……….. is a mexican expression……

  • It’s a put down and means dumb or foolish.

    It’s an adjective derived from the noun “baba” which means drool or slobber.

    It’s used rather light-heartedly, and is not a great offense. Other words could have rendered a much harsher retort.

    For example, if you were told:

    ¡No seas baboso! = Don’t be dumb! or Don’t be foolish!


    ¡Idiota! = Idiot! or You idiot!

    let alone actually cursing you out…

    so, “baboso” is not that harsh

  • It means stupid, dumbass, idiot and every other word like that, but it’s also used for a guy who follows any girl, trying to seduce her but without success (because he’s a dumbass)

  • If you want to take it literally, it means a person that produces an excess of saliva. However nobody uses this term literally. It is more often use to imply that a person is retarded, or that the person it an idiot.

  • driveling, silly stupid talk- Or you may hve heard it wrong as “babosa” means slug

  • slobbery or slimy

  • It’s slang for “stupid” or “dumb”

    The literal meaning is “dribbling”

  • clown

  • embecile

  • idiot. retard…. etc… incompetent.

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