What does bacardi and coke taste like?

Does it taste good?

What does it taste like?

Will it get me drunk and about how many on an average person?

7 Answers

  • Yes it will and one big glass is all you need.

  • depends on the ratio of coke to alcohol

    start out putting 1/4 bacardi to 3/4 coke then work your way up to 50/50

    after that if won't matter

    how fast depends on your body weight and how much you've eaten today

    if you don't like the taste try OJ or gatoraide instead

    or the ever popular Hawaiian punch concentrate

  • I've only mixed bacardi and apple/orange juices. Depending on the kind you have, it could be very bitter, so it might taste bad with coke.

    As for getting drunk, I wouldn't advise it but you'd have to have a lot of those mix-drinks to get there.

  • Of course it will get you drunk. IT HAS ALCOHOL! Geez Louise!.... teenagers these days. Of course, the drink of choice for teenagers is Southern Comfort (tastes just like candy. Rum and cokes pretty much taste like candy, too.)

  • 1) No because Bacardi is crap rum.

    2) Find out when you turn 21 not before.

    3) I see no point in getting drunk

  • Taste like Coke with alcohol and yes it will get you drunk. All alcohol will get you drunk.

  • like each and every alcohol it relies upon on how a lot you upload. The extra of the rum/vodka you upload the added it tastes like it. I surely have had some human beings blend it the position it tastes and looks extra like vodka than what they mixed with it. It also relies upon on even if that's chilly or warmth. Ice chilly will make it sweeter and also you gained't flavor the rum/vodka/whisky as a lot.

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