what does “bueno pues” mean in English?

My mom is a Spanish speaker (Spanish is her first language). I'm taking Spanish now, but she never taught me Spanish when I was younger. Whenever she's talking on the phone to her sisters or something, towards the end of a conversation she goes, "Bueno pues" or something like that.

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  • well then

    like "well then I'm going to say good bye. Yes is very used in Spanish towards the end of conversations and in other similar contexts.

  • Que Bueno In English

  • It's some sort of slang, meaning "Ok then" or "fine then". In English doesn't make much sense to add "then" but it's some weird thing we do in some Latin American countries lol.

  • means "well then" buenos-good, pues-then

    it can be used the way your mom uses it, or you can use it like a question.

  • It means Well Than

  • it is well then, or fine then, it is like all right in english, or ok fine then

  • Well

  • Well or fine.

  • it means ok then

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