what does “Cam on Anh…boyfriend em chup dep ko?? ” mean?

8 Answers

  • Thanks bro ... Do you think my boyfriend took this photo very well ?

  • Cam on Anh (thank you: girl said to boy)

    em chup dep ko (does your taken photo looks good)

  • minor correction... man , you guys need some ESL classes!

    Cam on anh = Thank you ( assuming a woman saying this to a man) Or it could mean Thanks hun...

    em chup dep khong? meaning How does my photo look? or how do my photos look? In Vietnamese there is no "s" for plural.

  • Thank you... Does the photos my boyfriend took nice?

    Good Luck

  • weird question. when you say thank you someone, there's should be a compliment. and the girl still asked if the photos look good.

  • Huannandu. has the best answer. The closest translation should be: " Thank you...does my boyfriend take good photos?"

  • Thank you brother...does my boyfriend take beautiful photo?

  • Mahal ko siya = I love him/her

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