what does “CL Delivery” mean on my verizon bill?

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  • From a forum post off the internet

    CL Delivery (or Call Delivery, or maybe follow me roaming) depending on where you live.

    Call delivery(follow me roaming) simply an indicator of when you are on a roaming partners tower and you receive an incoming call. If you are looking on the details statement you should see the call delivery call and an real call at the same time for the same number of minutes... the call delivery calls are not counted towards your total minutes..

    At least this is the way it is the North central region, though i believe its the same everywhere

    EDIT: if you looking at this on your online bill you may not see the actual call yet, as it does take longer for a call made on another carriers network to show up.

  • Yes Mary, it does.

  • does this mean the police are monitoring my cell phone

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