What does “¿De donde eres (tú)?” mean in English?

Gracias! 🙂

12 Answers

  • It means where are you from.

    One of the first things i learnt in spanish class, haha.

    If you want to answer the question, it’s: Soy de ______

    which means I am from…

    De nada!

  • First responder’s right, or literally, “From where are you?”, (with the parentheses because tu isn’t needed).

  • que lejos estamos

  • I think it means where are you from?

    De nada

  • Where are you?

    I think.

    Donde is where, and eres is you, tu is also you

  • Literally, From where are you?

  • Where are you from?

  • Where are you from?

  • where are you from

  • where are you from

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