what does deband mean?

i don't know how its spelled its about braces

7 Answers

  • Deband means to take the braces off! It is the most exciting time ever, but it will be painful. Make sure you take some tylenol before you go to the ortho. Drilling and scraping of the teeth will happen.

  • Deband: take the bands off, remove them.


  • When they take the braces off.

    The person above me said it hurts and everyone I know told me that it would so I was FREAKING OUT when I went to get my braces taken off.. Strangely enough, I hadn't even realized they had taken my braces off until after it they were gone.

  • Means to take the braces off. It will be exciting for u. Should be no discomfort in the process

  • when they take them off

  • It's the wrong way to spell "the band"

  • de brand

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