What does deshta mean in japanese?

I fully understand what desu means and so im assuming deshta (if spelled correctly in romanji) is either another way to say "desu ka?" or an informal way of saying "desu ne". Am i correct?

any help would be appreciated.

3 Answers

  • Yes, as Belie said deѕнι𝓉a is the past tense of desu. As you answer or tell anyone about something, always in the end of the sentence, following the last word you add up desu (if present) or deѕнι𝓉a (past tense)...for something that has already happened. However don't misuse deѕнι𝓉a with the other version of past tense (katta- かった or in a polite mode maѕнι𝓉a-ました)..Some words won't allow the use of deѕнι𝓉a as well desu has a variant(masu-ます)...

    Hope it helped you...

  • Deѕнι𝓉a is the past tense of desu.

  • です(desu) ですね(desu ne) ですな(desu ta) are honorific in sentence.

    ですか(desu ka) used in interrogative sentence

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