what does dgs/rpp stand for on my direct debit bank statement?

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  • Absolutely NOTHING. At least it has no universal meaning. It is probably specific to someone you paid using the account. If you give us some context, we may be able to give a useful answer.

  • Dgs Rpp Dd

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    I've done this quite a few times. The bank that you are moving to should do the work for you. You may need to request a form from them. If they don't offer this service and start telling you that you need to fill in individual mandates don't move to that bank. The bank that you are moving to will contact the bank that you are moving from, to request details of the mandates. These details include things that one bank will only normally release to another, so it needs to be done bank to bank. I have only dealt with Direct Debits. Standing Orders may be different. However, you can normally set up Standing Orders on line anyway, once you get your new bank account open.

  • I found a monthly direct debit mandate for £11.49 on my account with the following details DGS/RPPDO. According to my bankers the reference for the direct debit is ref AYFT0069022. I would like to know the identity of the company in question and their phone number.

  • DGS = Domestic General Service

    RPP = Regular Payment Plan

  • please tell me what im paying for my dgs/rppdd as far as j know i havent taken any jnsurance out

  • Jennifer Jones

  • It's domestic & General and it covers my Indesit cooker for repair or replacement if it can't be repaired

  • It's domestic & General insurance. I have it on my statement it covers my washing machine for if it breaks down.

  • how can i find out what appliance im paying for, because ive not applied for any insurance, i did have one, but cancelled it last year as it was paid in full, my bank does'nt know.

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