what does “doko made mo” mean in japanese?

no online translators!!!

i have a feeling it mean "anywhere" that what i think it means, i need confirmation.

7 Answers

  • dokomade mo


    ill go anywhere you go.

    =dokomade mo anata ni tsuite iku

    you're atubborn as a donkey.

    =dokomade mo goujou na yatsu dana.

    means all the way, all the time, always.. etc.

  • Doko Made Mo

  • doko made mo - anywhere

  • well

    doko is were


    is until, or to stuff like that

    and mo

    that can be also

    mix them together it would be


    so you can be right.

  • It means: "How far?" [are you going?] AND/OR: "Where to?" [i.e., where are you going? what is your destination?]

  • Now you tell me

  • it might mean "anywhere or nowhere"

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