What does eq mean? [ in equestrian terms]?

I'll be looking at a picture of somebody jumping and the caption will be like " ohh bad eq". So what does eq mean??

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  • Yep it means the style of the rider,, how his form is as a rider,,

    But really eq is slang for equitation..

    If you ride eq over fences,,, you as the rider is being Judged

    Not the horse

    Or eq on the flat the same thing ,,

    Ps all abbreviation's are wrong !!

    But the word is so long they use that one ,,or equ,


  • Equestrian Meaning

  • Definition Of Equestrian

  • They all have to do with horse or other animals in the same family like donkeys and zebras. Equestrian if normally used when referring to some one who works with horses equine refers to the actual horse and eq usually has to do with riding.

  • it's an abreviation for equitation!

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